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Essential Oil Necklaces Feb 23

I am excited about the new item I am coming out with.

Essential Oil Necklaces. Oh la la, they will make you feel good.

Seashell Essential Oil Lei

Seashell Essential Oil Lei 1Seashell Essential Oil Lei with Satin String

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Happy Valentine’s Day Feb 18

This is our 6th annual Valentine’s Day that we celebrate a couple of days later and all in Italian style.

Tim and Heike

Tim and Heike 1





New Haircut 1The Rose

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Heike’s New Painting Jan 30

Hilo Botanical Garden, Hawai’i.

Hilo Botanical Garden

The one below is now on-line

Love Boats sample Watermark

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Christmas 2011–Frohe Weihnachten Dec 24

Christmas Girls 1Christmas Girls







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Gerda, Forever in our Hearts Dec 15


Gerda McDoniel

01/20/1995 – ✝ 12/15/2011

Psalm 36:6

You care for people and animals alike, O Lord.

I was walking outside in the sunshine, singing "Shalom shalom peace to you, peace to you my dog…" she smelled the air, she was so peaceful and died right in my arms. Thank you Lord!


I have been gazing into the stars, hoping I could see a few meteor fall gently down. It was so cold outside but I stayed there for a long time, praying for so many and for my sweet dog.

Gerda one month shy of 17 years of age, such a loyal dog, a really good friend, her body so frail, she can barely walk, her tiny legs now shake when she eats or uses the bathroom. After her seizure attacks that take a lot of her energy I prayed for my dog to please come tonight and have her fall asleep. While saying this prayer a large shooting star went across the sky, it was as it was filmed in slow motion. So bright, clear, and to bring comfort to me. I ran inside and told my husband-man that God will answer my prayers. He gave me confirmation that it will be. We all said our good-byes to our sweet Gerda and went to sleep.

The next morning came and I still saw her suffering, so fragile she laid there and I know she wants to rest. Wondering about my prayers being answered differently then I first thought, but I had such child-like faith and I knew the star was meant just for that.

Gerda had a few more seizures and now in pain, it was time, time to call the vet and make that dreadful appointment. I was so hoping she could have passed away in her own home, not on that cold table with strangers around.

It was a sunny warm day December the 15th, so I wrapped my sweet friend in a towel and walked her 30 minutes before her appointment time outside, telling her the sun is bright. She smelled the fresh air and I saw her nose twitch a few times, then she saw the sun shine into her eyes and she blinked. She was so peaceful. I held her close to my chest and sang to her. “Shalom, shalom peace to you, peace to you my dog…” she took her last breath and died in my arms. I held her for another 15 minutes close to my body, we all kissed her and said our good-byes.

You see, God answered my prayers, but He answered them even better than what I had asked for. Don’t you see how good my God is? He did more than I would have ever asked for.

I cried all day for my friend that is no longer with me, but also for the undeserving kindness my God shows me. He has answered my prayers in so many ways, He has shown Himself to me through dreams, felt His presence, through prayers, and through nature. I am not special, the matter of fact I am full of sin, stained, argumentative , one emotional wreck, but He loves me and it so deeply humbles me that I can’t help to cry and thank Him. If you can related yourselves to any character in the Bible, then I am King David.

Before I went to bed last night, I stood by the window, praying for those hurt people and thanking Him for showing Himself to me, for loving me, for calling me His daughter. I called out to Him and said to Him “My Papa”. You are all I want and need, and His love is what I am so thankful for…right then…another shooting star from heaven down to us. Thank you!

Hebrews 11:3

It is by faith that we understand that the universe was created by God’s word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen.

Romans 1:20

Ever since God created the world, his invisible qualities, both his eternal power and his divine nature, have been clearly seen; they are perceived in the things that God has made. So those people have no excuse at all!

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Wreaths across America Dec 10

Patrick WilhelmPatrick Wilhelm 3Patrick Wilhelm 2Patrick Wilhelm 6Patrick Wilhelm 7

Patrick Wilhelm 5Patrick Wilhelm 1

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Christopher’s First Marathon Run Nov 19

We are so very proud of our son Christopher running his first 8k marathon and made it in 37 minutes and 15 seconds. He got third place in his age group. Yeahhhh!!!



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Raleigh Museum Nov 18

We had a fun time going to Raleigh. Blessed by having a good friend by my side and some well needed  girl time. The museum was a lot of fun. My favorite part are still the butterflies. Rebecca got to hold some petrified dinosaur poo and Maria was brave enough to hold a life beetle.  Afterwards we went to the Asian market and were surrounded by so many nice people.

ButterflyButterfly1Dream of ButterfliesTree at Dentist office

Homeschool Fun



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Hawai’i 2011 Video Nov 01
Aloha Oct 29



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