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August 2012–Beach Photography Aug 04

Taking some photos at our NC beach. Beautiful day!

Zephaniah 317

God loves to hear you


God Bless Our Home

Update on Hurricane Irene Aug 26

We are staying at home and pray that all goes well. The storm will start tonight and the heaviest will be in the morning tomorrow.

Wir bleiben zuhause und beten das alles gut geht. Der Sturm soll heute nacht anfangen und der schlimmste Teil wird morgen frueh sein.


Live cam.

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Tornados in North Carolina Apr 17

To all my family and friends in Germany, we are okay.

Wir hatten gestern sehr viele Tornados. Uns geht es gut aber leider sind 22 Menschen nur allein in North Carolina gestorben und 80 sind verletzt. Die Tornados waren in vielen der US Staaten. Anbei schicke ich einen link.

01-01-11 A New Beginning Jan 01


The year 2010 went by so fast and it was a year that I can not forget so easily. The year came with some good and some bad. At the end of last year I lost my dad and my 2010 started off very sad. In February, we found out that our son had a large bone tumor in his leg. He healed very well and is doing fine now. In September I got some more tragic news, my dear grandfather died. Then on Christmas Eve my Great-aunt passed away. The year 2010 was associated with much pain and sadness. But I must say that I am closer to God then I have ever been. He is guarding my soul and will rebuild my spirit. For this year I wish everybody a year of new growth, to learn contentment, and that the Holy Spirit will fill you with peace and joy. May your heart overflow with a Love that is only from God. That is my wish for all in 2011.

Das Jahr 2010 ging so schnell vorbei und es war ein Jahr das ich nicht so leicht vergessen kann. Aber es kam auch Gutes mit dem Schlechten. Jahresende verlor ich meinen Papa und mein Jahr 2010 fing sehr traurig an. Im Februar haben wir erfahren das unser Sohn einen grossen Knochen Tumor im Bein hat. Er heilte sehr gut und machte sich praechtig heraus. Im September kam wieder ein Niederschlag, meiner lieber Opa ist gestorben und am Heiligen Abend meine Gross-Tante. Das Jahr 2010 war mit sehr viel Schmerz und Traurigkeit verbunden. Ich muss aber dazu sagen, dass ich Gott noch nie so nahe war wie jetzt. Das moechte ich niemals verlieren. Er bewacht meine Seele und meinen Geist wird der  wieder aufbauen. Ich wünsche allen ein Jahr der Zufriedenheit, und dass der Heilige Geist euch mit Frieden und Freude erfüllt. Möge euer Herz ueberlaufen mit einer Liebe, die nur von Gott. Das ist mein Wunsch für alle im Jahr 2011.
Spying on People Aug 13

My mom lives a little bit like people in New York do, not as high the buildings, but still high and close. I am sitting on the balcony and I am watching somebody wash some dishes. It’s warm here so everything is open. I can see into everybody’s apartment. Kind of interesting. You can see them when they go to sleep, cook, and when somebody is ready to use the bathroom. Except the windows are milky so that’s a good thing. I am officially a stalker. lol

Meine Mama wohnt so ein bisschen wie die Menschen in New York. Die Gebaeude sind natuerlich nicht ganz sooo hoch aber sehr nah an einander. Ich sitzte hier auf dem Balkon und beobachte die Menschen wie sie ihr Geschirr abwaschen. Es ist sehr warm in Bremen und alle haben ihre Fenster offen, da kann man dann halt ueberall reingucken. Ist irgendwie interessant. Man kann sie sehen wie sie zu Bett gehen, kochen, und selbst ins Bad gehen. Aber die Fenster fuers Bad sind milchig da kann man zum Glueck nichts sehen. Ich bin offiziel ein Spanner. lol

I am in Germany Aug 11

Surprising my Mom.

I was trying to surprise my mom by calling her 30 minutes before I got there, then I thought “no I better give her more time”. I thought 4 hours would do. Then I thought I better call one day ahead so I won’t steal her joy of looking forward of my coming. She was really down that day and homesick, so I called at just the right time. She was soooooo excited and thought I was joking. My sister went shopping right away to get all the food I usually like.

Lady at the Airport.

In Atlanta at the ticket counter the attendant told me that I might not be able to get a flight back from Germany on Stand-by. Perhaps the end of August. That really put me in a little bit of a slight panic. Please keep me in your prayers that I do make it back next week. I kind of miss my husband and my children.

Airplane Experience.

I don’t think I can ever fly coach again. This First Class/ Business experience was truly amazing. They don’t really have First Class but treat you like it. Let me begin with the seats. They are comfy chairs that lean all the way back. I mean all the way. It’s a bed. I received a real pillow, a comforter, and a goody bags with gifts like toiletries. Hold on, I am getting an ice-cream with a strawberry, chocolate sauce and cream. I haven’t even finished my Tazo Mint Tea yet. It was a four course meal. I drank from real glasses and the service was outstanding. It felt like you were in a 5-star hotel. I have been eating for two hours now. Here is a link about the airplane. I was very blessed by a very nice lady to give me her budy pass and travel very inexpensive to Germany.

A Note from my Heart Aug 01

It’s been almost 8 month that my dear sweet Papa has passed away and today I got word that my grand-pa, my sweet sweet Opa is not doing well. Don’t want to say too much detail. I can not even describe the pain I feel right now. My grand-ma told me “Child, we won’t be able to send you any more Christmas packages from home”. I told her that the greatest gift is not getting a package in the mail, but the gift grand-parents pass on to their grand-children is to be spoiled rotten  by them. To love them, play with them, and be the best example ever. They have done all that. I was a very blessed girl. I will miss their boxes, not the stuff in it, but the gifts that come from home. Home! When they packed it they always put little tissues in it, to make sure the chocolate comes in one piece. I took each tissue, folded it back, smelled it, and held it close to my heart. Always hoping I could pick up their scent once more. I am in so much pain right now, can’t even think straight, but what I want you all to read most of this, is that I still trust my Lord with all my heart, love him more than anything, and cling on to him. I miss my Papa, and I know my time is coming where I miss my Opa (grand-pa), but my Lord will never leave me. I hope for those that don’t believe, will take this to heart and give it a thought. God is real, He really is. Keep me and my family in Germany in your loving prayers. Pray that God will put his big loving arms all around me.



Key West, Florida May 03

We finally arrived in Key West, Florida. It was a two day drive but so worth it. We are only 90 miles  from Cuba. I am sitting here on the balcony, overseeing the ocean, while listening to the palm trees sway, and drinking a Kona Coffee. Wow! I needed that. It is absolutely beautiful here. The weather is awesome, about 84 degrees and extremely high humidity. You don’t feel the humidity as much due to the nice breeze of the ocean. Today we will hang out by the pool, get some groceries, and go for a nice walk by the beach. Tomorrow we will get up very early to take a 2 hour boat tour to the Dry Tortugas. Here is a link if you are not familiar with the amazing history of the Tortugas.


Wir sind endlich in Key West, Florida. Es war eine zweit Tage Autofahrt, aber eine die sich lohnt. Wir sind nur 130 km von Kuba entfernt. Ich sitze hier auf dem Balkon, sehe die wunderbaren Wellen uebers Meer, hoere dabei die Palmen wie sie hin und her wehen, und trinke Kona Kaffee dabei. Wow! Ich brauchte diese Pause. Es ist absolut toll hier. Das Wetter ist super, es sind etwa 29 Grad C hier und sehr feucht. Aber die Feuchtigkeit ist auszuhalten durch die Meeresbriese. Heute werden wir zum Swimming Pool gehen, dann etwas einkaufen und am Strand spazieren gehen. Morgen werden wir sehr frueh aufstehen und werden eine Faehre nehmen die uns nach 2 Stunden in den Dry Tortugas absetzen wird. Hier ist ein link von der Geschichte der Tortugas.

Painting Mar 16


New Painting Jan 30